Civil union, same rights as in marriage, but a simplified dissolution.

In Quebec, common law spouses can decide the type of union they want according to their specific needs.

Besides the rights and obligations that are the same as in marriage, Civil Union also entails the establishment of a family patrimony and the partners can establish all kinds of pre-nuptial agreements or be submitted to the partnership of acquests matrimonial regime.

Civil union is the right choice for couples that want the same rights and avantages as in marriage without the cultural baggage associated to it.  It also offers, to the partners without children, a greater flexibility in case the relationship ends.    The dissolution of that union may be done by way of a joint notarized declaration provided it settles all the consequences of the dissolution. This agreement has the avantage to reduce the costs of the separation and expedite the procedure avoiding the courts and the legal fees associated to it.

Union civile Québec

As in the case of a marriage celebration, Me Robert Ledoux can:

  • Advise you on the appropriateness of a Civil union agreement and its legal consequences.
  • Clearly explain the different matrimonial regimes and the rules of the family patrimony.
  • Celebrate your Civil union according to your tastes and budget.
  • Celebrate your Civil union at one of his offices, at your home or at any other location chosen by the couple.

Me Robert LEDOUX, LLM, for a customized Civil union celebration!